Network Setup

• Get online via cable, DSL, modem, or T1 business line

• Install and configure your network equipment to allow multiple machines to be online at once

• Provide proper security for your LAN or WiFi connections

• Allow you to password protect your network and lock it down as much as you wish

• Discuss the differences between wired and wireless networks and let you choose the proper solution for your home or business

• Extend your network beyond normal cabling or WiFi range to cover your entire building or property. Want wireless hundreds of yards away?
It can be done.

System Setup

• Work with you to determine exactly what computer or computers you might need, whether they be desktops, notebooks, netbooks, or a combination of these

• Recommend a vendor and model for your purchase

• Custom build a computer to meet your exact needs; such as price, performance, and stability

• Initial setup and configuration of a new computer or multiple computers

• Ensure that your new computer is properly protected and secure before you ever go online

• Install any software you need and recommend software you may want

• Tune your system for your individual needs, offering additional flexibility, performance, and security

• Hardware configuration and cable management in your home or office, offering a neat, safe, and organized computing environment