Our Free Five-Point Inspection

EVERY system seen for service recieves a free 5-point inspection. These cover the five biggest threats home and business computers encounter:

• Viruses

• Spyware

• Backup integrity

• OS security and patches

• Hardware inspection

Software Issues

• Remove viruses and spyware while protecting your system from future infections

• Install or remove software (operating systems, virus/spyware protection, system security)

• Configure software and tools to work the way YOU want them to work

• Install and configure the web browser of your choice and protect you against pop-up ads

• Perform data backup and setup automatic backups in the future

• Improve system speed and performance

• Configure off-site backups to protect from disasters

• Get your operating system or applications functioning again

Hardware (Mechanical) Issues

• Diagnose hardware issues and get the system running

• Resolve any heating or cabling problems within your system

• Upgrade by adding adding new hardware (hard drives, memory, graphics cards, etc.)

• Configure or add peripherals like external hard disks, printers, scanners, etc.